Analog to Sip Line Conversion

Faith Center

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The Customer

Springfield Faith Center is a church located in Springfield, Oregon. They have a full pastoral as well as office staff on site in two separate buildings. They have normal office hours as well as nightly meetings and weekend services.

There were two separate issues facing the church. The quality of analog lines into their building was poor resulting in high static, background noise, and “crackly” lines. They had 5 analog lines coming into the building (2 used for security) and 3 for phone service but two of those lines were so bad they had become unusable. The second issue was simply cost: their local provider was charging them almost $500 – something they were looking to change.

The Challenge

The Solution

We updated their PBX system to the latest Asterisk VoiP system. The church was already using the same software/hardware package that we deploy today. In order to remove all analog lines we worked with their security system provider to install GSM Cell modems at their security panels. We then proceeded to port their numbers to our custom SIP solution. The service is so much clearer that when they answer the phone they don’t think their is anyone on the line because the background noise is completely gone. Plus… Their phone bill was reduced by over 70%

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